How To Walk Like A Woman

Men and Women walk differently as you can see in this video animation.

To cultivate a more feminine walk you may like to watch this several times, observe other women walking, and practice your feminine walk until is becomes more natural.

This will take practice as you begin to feel more comfortable walking. But the more you practice, the lesser the risk that you will be read, and the more confident you will feel out in public with your female persona.

3 Responses to “How To Walk Like A Woman”

  • Zoe:

    The video shows very well the difference between male and female walking patterns. The male walk, shows his feet far apart and the elbows of his arms sticking out taking up space. It is a walk of strength, where-as the female walk is fluid and sensual. The elbows held in tight to the body, with lots of movement at the hips and the feet closer together than a man’s. A man’s walk is like a bulldozer pushing his way through everything in his way, and a woman’s walk is fluid and is ready to flow around obstacles that are in her way.
    It is funny, for when I was much younger and very much in my closet, I used to observe male patterns of movement and stance in an attempt to appear more like them, and quite frankly, never felt all the comfortable doing it. And one of the benefits for me coming out and being myself is that now I don’t have to think about it as grace is one of my natural attributes. The only other thing that I would suggest to all you girls out there is to be sure to hold your head up high and smile. For walking isn’t just about your feet and your body as it is about your total appearance.

  • Michelle Spiteri:

    I love to practice my walking a few times a week, this video helped me realize the extent of the female walk its awesome.

  • I just love all these tips as they are so helpful. For once though I didn’t need the tip on walking as I somehow just did it!! I had to laugh though because it is so true how men and (most) women walk very differently. I had to go somewhere the other day as a man, hopefully my last, and suddenly my friend gave mr a friendly shove and told me to walk like a man. Seems walking in a feminine way has now become the norm :)

    Rodina xx

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